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UC Browser

UC Browser

A free low-powered web browser for PCs and mobile devices

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  • Abdallah Ibrahim

    by Abdallah Ibrahim

    finding it difficult install. i have used it in another computer and found it very useful..   More

  • Dyan Putra

    by Dyan Putra

    This is a Nice application. i really recomended to my friend because they can not download a song. Then i recommend t...   More

  • Md.Saiful Islam

    by Md.Saiful Islam

    uc browser use for a great experience.I am gather for power full knowledge in my life..   More

  • reynold sibarani

    by reynold sibarani

    Good link to get information for anything about related for you need.   More



    It is a super and fastest browser... and it is downloading files and videos,music very fastly than other browsers...   More

  • Md Amin

    by Md Amin

    Hi all That apps nicely used for all world communication. Thank you provider for Bindia jan. Bangladesh..   More

  • by merza hakoon

    It's the best browser .. Fast and good .. I use it in my mobile phone and laptop .. I hope you try it .. With all my ...   More

  • Saifuddin Ahammed

    by Saifuddin Ahammed

    It is very faster and friendly for user. We can easily access any site..   More

  • chandan kumar

    by chandan kumar

    chandan raj kumar poojabbghjbfgnbvfgbvcfgvvcfghbvfhbvvhn bvghnb vvhb.   More

  • Adolphina Makhubela

    by Adolphina Makhubela

    faster and easy to use,other apps takes long and too much time with uc browser you have anything you such as music ,g...   More

  • Mohammad Talib

    by Mohammad Talib

    A best browser in the world..
    A best browser in the world. Downloading is very easy and hearty satisfaction..   More

  • lugya douglas

    by lugya douglas

    Best browser ever.
    its a very good browser which can improve download speed and performance even with slow inter...   More

  • Mohamed Adel

    by Mohamed Adel

    i love it..   More

  • Nagavenkatasandeep Kayala

    by Nagavenkatasandeep Kayala

    very browser in those das.
    for the purpose of the internet safe browseing and virus free environment.   More

  • by Anonymous

    nice .
    uc browser is help the human thing to do the his work in the uc like a googal ,facebook ,hotstar ,etc..   More

  • rohit rathod

    by rohit rathod

    its a good app.
    this is agood browser in the world i think it is the most usable app in the world.
    Pros: ...   More

  • supun agastha

    by supun agastha

    This Web Browser Is GOOd Web Browser In This World.I Like It.
    This Web Browser Is GOOd Web Browser In This World...   More

  • Mark Coleman

    by Mark Coleman

    I don't want to use any other browser, UC Browser is the only way to surf. .
    I just did, Ready what I said, it's...   More

  • Mugidheya Joseph

    by Mugidheya Joseph

    rev joe.
    it is a good youtube downloader and its fast reliable and accurate..   More

  • NAZIR ahmad

    by NAZIR ahmad

    nice to use.
    i think uc browser is a good ,nice easy to use bcoz its a good soft and helpfull for office use..   More

  • romesh patel

    by romesh patel

    allveg best i like uc browser best parfomans in open eey site.   More

  • High Speed Broadband

    by High Speed Broadband

    very good browser i relay like this browser supper interface..   More

  • Ekwere Umoeshiet

    by Ekwere Umoeshiet

    UC Browser is simply the best and very reliable Browser known to me so far..
    UC Browser is simply the best and v...   More

  • by Anonymous

    UC Browser is better than others as observed..
    UC Browser is found as good. It has been downloaded for mobile an...   More

  • by Anonymous

    very good.
    I like it. It's fast and useful. It can download videos from YouTube and Faceboo.
    Pros: fast do...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Chromium-based browser; Not available for all Windows users..
    It is a chromium based browser? Seriously? Many pe...   More

  • by Anonymous

    This is the best browser in the world. i have been a user since the mobile days and now to windows....   More

  • by Anonymous

    highly recomended. score 100 out of 10.
    Best browser ever... very good display n theme.. i love the black theme...   More

  • by Anonymous

    header bar too thick.
    fast browser design could be better since it uses too much space. please make it like goog...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Giving Free Mobile Recharges. Download it now, I will Get Rs.100 and You ge.
    Giving Free Mobile Recharges. Downl...   More