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UC Browser

UC Browser

A free low-powered web browser for PCs and mobile devices

The UC Browser for PC is one of the UC Browser variants that were created especially for use on desktop computers. It doesn't require a lot of processing power, and it offers a smoother internet experience for people with a slow internet connection. This free browser for Windows is ideally suited for people with low-powered desktop computers and/or people with a slower internet connection.

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  • xidigaha somali

    by xidigaha somali

  • Nana Gyansie

    by Nana Gyansie

    Yes! I recommend to all internet users, because the UC Browser is une of the best Browsers in the world.

  • King Arthur Pendragon

    by King Arthur Pendragon

    Superfast downloading speed. Great. Love its day and night themes but the antivirus shows its an adware can someone fix that otherwise mostly the best browser even better than google chrome

  • Bright Sokari George

    by Bright Sokari George

    love it so much keep it up guys...good work i appreciate it

  • pujari ramana

    by pujari ramana

    good this is fast brousing so that's why we are like we need



    you re review s too short lt should be at least 60 character

  • Katham Hussen

    by Katham Hussen

    nice browser and thank you >>>good very good my dear friend

  • Aniks Intl

    by Aniks Intl

    itsm nice..i likeed it..but what can i do how to installed?? i didn't get point to clk for dowload..can u anyone hlp me plz??

  • Abdallah Ibrahim

    by Abdallah Ibrahim

    finding it difficult install. i have used it in another computer and found it very useful.

  • Dyan Putra

    by Dyan Putra

    This is a Nice application. i really recomended to my friend because they can not download a song. Then i recommend this application and they happy

  • Md.Saiful Islam

    by Md.Saiful Islam

    uc browser use for a great experience.I am gather for power full knowledge in my life .

  • reynold sibarani

    by reynold sibarani

    Good link to get information for anything about related for you need



    It is a super and fastest browser... and it is downloading files and videos,music very fastly than other browsers..

  • Md Amin

    by Md Amin

    Hi all That apps nicely used for all world communication. Thank you provider for Bindia jan. Bangladesh.

  • by merza hakoon

    It's the best browser .. Fast and good .. I use it in my mobile phone and laptop .. I hope you try it .. With all my wishes for success ...

  • Saifuddin Ahammed

    by Saifuddin Ahammed

    It is very faster and friendly for user. We can easily access any site.

  • chandan kumar

    by chandan kumar

    chandan raj kumar poojabbghjbfgnbvfgbvcfgvvcfghbvfhbvvhn bvghnb vvhb

  • Adolphina Makhubela

    by Adolphina Makhubela

    faster and easy to use,other apps takes long and too much time with uc browser you have anything you such as music ,games,movies.I just love it

  • Mohammad Talib

    by Mohammad Talib

    A best browser in the world.. A best browser in the world. Downloading is very easy and hearty satisfaction.

  • lugya douglas

    by lugya douglas

    Best browser ever. its a very good browser which can improve download speed and performance even with slow internet connections

  • Mohamed Adel

    by Mohamed Adel

    . i love it

  • Nagavenkatasandeep Kayala

    by Nagavenkatasandeep Kayala

    very browser in those das. for the purpose of the internet safe browseing and virus free environment

  • by Anonymous

    nice . uc browser is help the human thing to do the his work in the uc like a googal ,facebook ,hotstar ,etc.

  • rohit rathod

    by rohit rathod

    its a good app. this is agood browser in the world i think it is the most usable app in the world. Pros: his tabs. Cons: its very hang so this browser wants to i mprove that

  • supun agastha

    by supun agastha

    This Web Browser Is GOOd Web Browser In This World.I Like It. This Web Browser Is GOOd Web Browser In This World.I Like It. Pros: youtube. facebook. Cons: youtube. facebook

  • Mark Coleman

    by Mark Coleman

    I don't want to use any other browser, UC Browser is the only way to surf. . I just did, Ready what I said, it's only one I want to use 100% of the time. Pros: everything. Cons: Nothing

  • Mugidheya Joseph

    by Mugidheya Joseph

    rev joe. it is a good youtube downloader and its fast reliable and accurate

  • NAZIR ahmad

    by NAZIR ahmad

    nice to use. i think uc browser is a good ,nice easy to use bcoz its a good soft and helpfull for office use

  • romesh patel

    by romesh patel

    best. allveg best i like uc browser best parfomans in open eey site

  • High Speed Broadband

    by High Speed Broadband

    verygood. very good browser i relay like this browser supper interface