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How to Fix UC Browser Certificate Error in 3 Methods



On most browsers, you can simply choose to validate a certificate or ignore an error related to it. With UC Browser, all it’ll do is present you with a message that states “ERROR: NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID.” Strangely, it even shows you this error with some trusted sites, sometimes after a new browser update.

If you’re sitting with a UC Browser certificate error, there are a few things you can try.

  1. Reload the Page

    How to Fix UC Browser Certificate Error

    The easiest solution may be to just reload the page you’re wanting to visit. The error might just be a momentary glitch, resolved when you refresh the page. Of course, if you have our luck, the chances are that this won’t work at all.

  2. Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

    How to Fix UC Browser Certificate Error

    Public Wi-Fi usually runs on HTTP instead of HTTPS. If you’re visiting a site that holds private information, it won’t be secure on an HTTP connection. Therefore, you’ll receive a certificate error message if it conflicts with the page settings. When you connect to a private connection, the chances are that the error won’t appear.

  3. Clear Browsing Data

    How to Fix UC Browser Certificate Error

    Another solution you can try is clearing UC Browser’s cache and browsing data. You can also clear the browsing history, which might remove the error if there’s some conflicting glitch in the browser. Once the data and cookies are refreshed, you’ll have a better chance of entering the site.

Life without errors

While we’ve provided you with some solutions, there’s no guarantee that they will work. UC Browser may choose to not allow you to visit specific sites for your data’s security, and there won’t be any way around it.

If you’re desperate to get into the page, you might want to try a different browser where you can choose to accept certificates.

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