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Help & Info about UC Browser for android

  • What is UC Browser?

    UC Browser is a web browser primarily designed for mobile devices by UCWeb, a property of Alibaba Group. First launched in April 2004, the web browser is available on all mobile devices and platforms. As of March 2014, the browser had approximately 500 million users, with larger concentrations in China, Indonesia and India.
  • Is UC Browser available for PC?

    Though originally made for mobile devices, UC Browser is now available for a range of operating systems, which includes Windows PC. This cross-platform availability has catapulted UC Browser’s growth to more than a billion users globally.
  • Why does the browser doesn’t let save passwords and forms?

    Passwords and forms may not be saved due to loss of cookies. A mobile handset has login cookies saved, whereas WWW websites’ login cookies are stored on UC’s servers. In case the access point is changed or the browser is reinstalled, the saved cookies would be lost. Clearing data in Settings may also clear cookies.
  • How to find the right browser version for a device?

    UC Browser may have different browser versions for different phone brands and models. To ensure the right version is being installed, users should head to the official UC website for the correct version where the phone models and the appropriate versions are neatly segregated. Visiting the mobile platform’s online store is another method.
  • Why is the browsing speed slow?

    There could be several reasons why browsing on UC is slow. The local Internet may be down or too many users could be hogging the bandwidth simultaneously, causing an overload. In case the website is too busy, switching to Lite in the browser’s settings would load the particular website’s lite version.
  • What is Error Code 17?

    Error Code 17 is basically an error message that indicates the website is not returning information. This is not UC’s fault but the particular website’s problem. Accessing the website from any other web browser should also present the same issue. Why is there no browsing history
  • What does the insufficient memory notification indicates?

    The insufficient memory notification denotes the computer is running short of RAM, which could hamper performance. In such situations, it’s recommended to clear cache regularly and also data such as clipboard information, unnecessary bookmarks, and history. Unused applications should also be uninstalled to increase memory space.
  • What are the languages supported by UC Browser?

    UC Browser supports a host of languages, which also includes several regional languages. The language the browser should load in must be selected at the time of installation, as switching the language later is not that straightforward, especially on Symbian platforms.
  • Why is a web image not displaying?

    If a web image is not showing up, the image could be broken or missing. If the image is fine, then the browser’s “text-only” option should be deactivated (if it’s on). If the issue still persists and the images are missing on all pages of a website, then getting in touch with UC support would help.


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