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All-around browser alternative

UC Browser is an alternative to many web browsers you can find. Despite having a simple interface, this app offers more than simple web surfing. It comes with additional features and functions that you normally don’t encounter on mobile browsers, such as downloaders and sports streaming. The download speed is also on the faster side. However, the app is not as secured, so if privacy is your concern, it is likely the one for you.

Faster browsing

One of the main selling points of UC Browser is its reasonably fast browsing speed. Although it does not take the crown from other apps, such as Mozilla’s Firefox Quantum, it loads page quicker. The latest version also includes support for hardware acceleration of page loading for devices with 2GB RAM or more. However, only devices with that much storage will meet this requirement. 

As noted, the mobile version of UC Browser comes with a full download manager. Having such is very useful when you are trying to save multiple files. More, the app also lets you choose the page element you wanted to save. If you only want to save the image, you don’t have to download the entire web page. The download manager also handles simultaneous downloads and even allows the users to pause and resume downloads anytime. 

Furthermore, UC Browser auto-loads the version of the page that suited your connection speed. With this, you don’t have to be stuck with a seemingly endless loading page. If you want to keep your activity safe, there is an incognito mode that you can use. Similar to Chrome’s incognito function, you can surf the net without leaving a trail.

A little usability problem

UC Browser comes with a simple interface like any browser with a few advanced features that make surfing faster. Some of the main features include the gesture controls that you can perform different actions. The app even lets you search via voice command. 

You can also opt to use the night mode to browse without much light and without straining your eyes. There is also a special complement for Facebook that allows you to move around the social media app easily. However, there are a couple of issues that might affect your browsing experience. 

For one, all the options take up a fair bit of space. You need to use the full-screen mode to get around this. Also, the tabs aren’t immediately accessible. You need to call up the tabs menu every time you want to see the different pages you have loaded. 

Some privacy concern

UC Browser comes with awesome features that make browsing a little easier. However, it seemed that the developers paid more attention to its features than its security. Over the years, various reports have exposed the risks of using UC Browser

For one, there were reports that the app sends details of your web activities to a server in China. More, it leaks geolocation and WiFi-related data without encryption, which makes it vulnerable. Various security tools also detect the browser as a trojan, malware, and adware. It is with these security lapses that most companies do not use UC Browser. 

Use with caution

Overall, UC Browser is a powerful browser that you can use as an alternative. It loads pages quicker and comes with features that make browsing easier. However, while it is a lot better than default browsers, it does not surpass popular ones, such as Dolphin or Coast by Opera. It also has a big security issue hanging over it that may be a deal-breaker for users.


  • Faster download speed
  • Search via voice command
  • Customizable interface
  • Allows you to save parts of a web page


  • Lax privacy and security
  • No anti-tracking
  • Tabs aren’t immediately accessible
  • Options take a lot of space in the interface

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UC Browser APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 4.2
  • (17518)
  • APK Status

User reviews about UC Browser

  • Maxamed Tamaan

    by Maxamed Tamaan

    Maxamed Tamaan

  • Chan Roberts

    by Chan Roberts

    This browser really sucks! It takes forever for it to go anywhere and it keeps wanting to do something with my phone. I'm uninstalling it!

  • Kaung Zaww

    by Kaung Zaww

    nice app,so good for me thz....
    god blesss you to all....
    thankz a lot my fri....>>>>>>>>

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    UC Browser.
    I want uc Browsr.Because mobali net downalindig is UC Browser i have need


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