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When it comes to choosing browsers for mobile, speed is one of the most important attributes to consider. However, despite most browsers’ best efforts, only a few can provide truly high-speed performance. UC Browser is one mobile browser that prides itself on its fast performance and quick download process. 

What is the UC browser app?

As mentioned, the UC browser is one of the fastest mobile browsers in the market.  But, what sets this apart from the other browsers is its built-in adblocker. Ads are notorious for slowing down the loading times of web pages, so having a built-in ad blocker will significantly reduce web page loading times. This ties into another one of its key features: data saver. This fast and secure browser doesn’t have a specific data saving mode, but the lack of ads means data is not being used up for ads. As a result, using UC Browser can reduce data usage by 60%. It also has data compression technology, which leads to faster browsing and less data use.

Aside from its key features, this mobile browser also has other features that give users an improved browsing experience. Night Mode, for example, is a feature that is sadly lacking in most browsers. It’s Night Mode makes reading at night easier on the eyes. It also has a Mini Video Window that allows users to browse the Internet while watching videos and listening to music. There is also the 3D Touch APP Shortcut that allows users to quickly access the app or YouTube by pressing the home screen button. Finally, UC Browser has a QR Code scanner that reads any QR Code automatically.

Is the UC browser really fast?

With the app's enhanced algorithms, it has now increased more the efficiency of fetching data from servers and writing files to storage. Freshly employed multi-threaded download technology is also added for you to be able to download files in the quickest time possible. This innovation particularly breaks files down into smaller parts and downloads each one of them simultaneously. 

In terms of performance, on the other hand, it definitely lives up to its reputation. It's page loadings are faster than its competitors, and it's other features like the Night Mode makes it much more comfortable to use. Features like the Mini Video Window are also great additions to the app that makes it much better to browse with than other browsers.

Fast and Easy

If you want a browser for your mobile device that loads pages quickly and is not prone to crashing, then the UC Browser is for you. Its built-in ad blocker makes it so much faster than other browsers. It’s worth giving a shot just for the ad blocker alone.


  • Compatible with most iOS devices
  • Fast browsing
  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Data saver


  • Must be 17 to download
  • Large installer files
  • High system requirement

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UC Browser for iPhone

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 4.2
  • (552)

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